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QEHS philosophy

We strive to ensure a safe working environment and to protect the health of our employees. Our emphasis on sustainability allows us to expand our business while minimizing our ecological footprint.

EHS strategy :

Customer first, integrity satisfaction;

Environment caring, energy saving;

Employees Caring, health and safety;

Discipline-oriented, Steady improvement.

We have an integrated approach that aligns our EHS strategy, objectives and targets with our business objectives, Our procedures in safety, health and environmental protection are embedded throughout our operations.  They are important components of our sustainability concept and our high standards in this area are built on a solid foundation of prevention. We continually seek to enhance efficiency and reduce risks and our environmental footprint.

Quality Management Policy:

Strict management, sustainable innovation, steady improvement, customer satisfaction
GMP: the company has established a sysmatic quality management control methodology, which includes centralized filing, monitoring, maintaining and improvement in accordance with the requirements of the "Standards Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Production", ISO9001, and ICHQ7 2008 "Quality Management System. 

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